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Skin Care System Surface Disinfectant Why Microcyde? The Threat to You

Staphyloccus bacteria in the trachea.

  • 25 years ago "Staph" was resistant to antibiotics 2% of the time.

  • Now "Staph" is resistant to antibiotics 50% of the time.

  • Microbes are mutating to resistant forms for every antibiotic developed.
    (see Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria).

The Consequences Of Antimicrobial Resistance

Mortality: resistant infections more often fatal

Morbidity: prolonged illness, greater chance for resistant organisms to spread to other people.

Cost: increased cost of care, newer, more expensive drugs.

The Threat To You

Infectious Disease is the Leading Cause of Death World Wide.

Treatable Diseases are becoming untreatable.

Greater than 80% of Infectious Disease is Spread by the Hands.

Increased Antimicrobial Resistance, poor sanitation and Hygiene are wreaking havoc on the world community.

In the U.S., 90,000 people die each year from hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections (MRSA & VRE). These deadly microbes are now found outside hospitals and in the general population.

Air travel has enabled infectious to spread around the world in a few hours.

Infectious disease poses a more deadly threat than war.

Government resources are burdened with the cost of fighting the never ending struggle against ever mutating and resistant pathogens. When a hospital patient contracts a nosocomial infection it doubles the length of the patients time in hospital. Judicious use of Antibiotics combined with good sanitation and hygiene protocols practiced by clinicians and the general public would dramatically reduce the burdens (economic and human) associated with the treatment of infectious diseases.

MICROCYDE products can protect you, your loved ones and others by breaking the cycle of cross contamination.

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